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Here at Optimart we offer a considerably extensive variety of products and services, below you will find them broken down by category, for your browsing convenience.

Eye Exams

Whether you need an optometrist for a routine eye examination, to find the right pair of contact lenses or glasses, or for more advanced eye care services, you want to know that the doctor you are seeing has the right experience, expertise, and “chair-side” manner to make you comfortable on your visit. With years of outstanding service in the community, our optometrists gives you a personal eye examination which is not JUST a prescription but an Ocular health check which includes:

Retinal Exam

– Checks the health of the back of your eyes Ocular Pressure Test- Checks the pressure in your eyes Ocular Pathology Check- Checks for any signs of eye disease Visual Field Test – Measures the central and peripheral vision, or “side vision,” and is used by your doctor to diagnose, determine the severity of, and monitor your glaucoma.